72 Days Of Look Up – Thank You And Figures

72 days ago, I started Look Up, and therefore a perfect moment to reflect and to share some figures.

But first of all, a big thank you to everyone who took and takes the time to read or share my posts, and everyone who follows Look Up on Look Up, Facebook, and Twitter.

The main focus of Look Up is to be a platform for organisations, podcasts, documentaries, initiatives, movies, inspiring people, and much more. By doing this, I would like to shift perspectives about many subjects or to make people curious about certain issues.

I really enjoy posting on Look Up, because I learn a lot about new subjects when I’m on the look out for new ideas, but I love the fact that Look Up is a platform for smaller initiatives and organisations.

I will keep posting on Look Up because I really love it, and definitely because of all the support from all over the world!

So now it’s time for some figures and I’m really proud about this!
– Followers on Look Up: 45.
– 685 visitors and 1379 views on Look Up.
– Visitors from 43 countries.
– Followers on Facebook: 63.
– Followers on Twitter: 45.

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