Highlight Monday – Personal Inspiration (3)

It’s time to share the inspiring organisations and the wonderful people that I, Karolien from Look Up, follow. Read more on Personal Inspiration (2).

  • Sustainable Human (Sustainable Human, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)
    Sustainable Human examines the root causes of our sustainability crises and offers alternative stories that help us live in harmony with one another
  • Positive News (Positive News, Facebook, and Twitter)
    Positive News is the magazine for good journalism about the good things that are happening.
  • Social Innovation Academy (Social Innovation Academy, Facebook, and YouTube)
    Social Innovation Academies in East Africa are transforming the educational system and allowing marginalised communities to create their own solutions and social enterprises tackling root causes of social problems.
  • Great Big Story (Great Big Story, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)
    Great Big Story is an award-winning global media company owned by CNN Worldwide dedicated to inspiring wonder and curiosity.
  • Dhar Mann (Dhar Mann, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)
    He is a fearless entrepreneur with a lot of experience navigating the highest highs of success and the lowest lows of failure.
  • Leon Logothetis (Leon Logothetis, Facebook, and Twitter)
    Leon Logothetis is a global adventurer, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and author of the bestselling memoir The Kindness Diaries.

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