Worthy of Love Throws Giant Birthday Parties for Homeless Children

This couple founded a charity that throws giant birthday parties for homeless kids who live on Skid Row.

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Worthy of Love
Worthy of Love strives to bring hope to homeless children. They believe that, children deserve to be reminded of their value and potential. They also believe that, by showing them they are worthy of love, they will be motivated to pursue their dreams.

Each and every month since January 2013, the Worthy of Love monthly birthday celebrations have allowed the deprived children living at the Union Rescue Mission a temporary reprieve from the stress associated with not having a place to call home.

At these parties, they celebrate the birthday of any child born that month and all the other children and parents are also invited to attend. There are games, party favours and best of all, Skiddy Cat, the loving, cuddly Skid Row mascot visits every party to dole out hugs, high fives and dance moves. During these parties, the residents of the shelter step into a world filled with love, laughter, acceptance and possibility.

Worthy of Love’s goal is to give them a night that they will never forget. You see their faces light up and smiles that warm your heart. They leave their worries at the door and bust a move on the dance floor!

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