The Ugly Truth About Success

In this video Mahima will share with you the ugly truth about the success. The one thing nobody wants to talk. Which is the most important ingredient to success.

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The Mahima Mindset
The Mahima Mindset is a company that focuses on bringing the benefits of meditation to individuals and innovative business Leaders worldwide. Whether you are a person seeking personal development, or a company looking to give your employees access to scientifically proven tools that will benefit their well-being and improve their focus and performance, you are in the right place.

Through the sessions and workshops The Mahima Mind offers, one will quickly awaken the inner sage and realise that lasting happiness, work life balance and high peak performance can truly be achieved in “this lifetime” when we are ready to fully respect and appreciate one thing. That there is far more to us than meets the human eye.

When we seek to find out what that “more” is, this action leads us to uncover an inner reservoir. This reservoir contains an energy that liberates us from the endless flow of negative thoughts and emotions. Transforming the seeker into a finder of inner peace, higher energy levels and increased access to “the flow state.”

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