Deepica Mutyala: Entrepreneurship and How To Quit Your Job To Pursue Your Dreams

On this episode of On Purpose, Jay Shetty sat down with South-Asian beauty entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of Live Tinted—Deepica Mutyala.

Deepica shares what it takes to start a multicultural community about beauty and culture. They cover everything from harnessing work ethic during your off-hours to dealing with perfectionist tendencies.

She also shares what it’s like to grow up with immigrant parents, and how that shaped her career from a young age. Tune in to this conversation to learn more about Deepica and her uniquely profound perspective

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Deepica Mutyala
– Deepica Mutyala (born July 4th, 1989) is a South-Asian beauty entrepreneur, businesswoman, and founder and CEO of Live Tinted, a multicultural community about beauty and culture. She is best known for a viral YouTube video in which she covered her dark under eye circles with red lipstick.
– In January 2018, Mutyala launched Live Tinted, an inclusive digital community that explores diverse beauty for “every shade in between”.
– After amassing over 500,000 Instagram followers, Mutyala unveiled Live Tinted’s first product, the Huestick, an eye, lip, and cheek multistick that also balances out dark circles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

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Cultured: Culture drives our conversations, product development, and our brand mission. LIVE TINTED is creating a community that is proud of its roots, and they want you to be proud as well.
Inclusive: Before all else, LIVE TINTED want to harbour a community that feels like its been made for all of us. Here, no one is “too” anything, rather you are just enough.
Kind: Beauty should make you feel good, and so should this community. Kindness for LIVE TINTED is consideration towards others – and they are always thinking of you.
Thoughtful: LIVE TINTED’s community serves as a learning platform. LIVE TINTED is here to listen, to learn from the community’s cultural beauty stories.

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